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Ages 3-5

Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am

Amy Hilliard, PT

Let’s get moving!  Has your child participated in individual physical therapy but is now ready to transition to a group setting to practice current skills and learn new skills?  Have you noticed your child just can’t keep up with their peers on the playground? Physical activity is essential to living a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities.  Whether your child enjoys moving or tends to shy away from physical activity, this class is for them. The goal of ClubMOVE is to provide a fun group setting to practice and encourage purposeful, active movement.

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Designed and taught by Amy Hilliard, a licensed pediatric Physical Therapist, ClubMOVE was created for 3-5 year old children who would benefit from targeted strengthening, balance, and coordination activities in an immensely positive setting that is safe for trial and error.  The class is designed to include 40 minutes of structured play facilitated by the therapist, based on themes incorporating music, imagination, games, obstacle courses, and introductory sports skills, followed by 20 minutes of free play while the therapist is available to consult with the caregiver. 


The class will target developmental skills including:

  • body and spatial awareness

  • strength, balance, and coordination

  • concentration, listening memory, and following directions

  • attention, cooperation, and impulse control

  • social skills, teamwork, and collaborative friendships

If your child would enjoy the opportunity to participate and practice their motor skills in a FUN, intentional, motor driven environment this class is the perfect fit!  Specialized, highly trained instruction paired with energized, purposeful movement will provide your child the opportunity and support necessary to improve their skills and find joy in this custom play experience.

Caregiver Participation Expectations: Caregivers are welcomed to remain throughout the class or join in during the final 20 minutes of the session.  This will allow for the caregiver and instructor to discuss areas addressed and strategies to use at home.


Minimum Requirements to Participate: Children must be able to walk independently and follow simple directions with small group activities to participate.   They also must be able to remain in their diaper/pull-up for the duration of the class or be fully potty trained.


Class Minimum/Maximum Participants: 4/6

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