Please look over our resource links for a variety of organizations and programs serving Middle Tennessee.

Information is provided for community events and organizations without specific endorsement, affiliation, or recommendation of the event or organization itself.

Resource Links 


Camp Discovery (Tennessee Jaycees) 615-741-2410

Camp Will  (Williamson County Parks and Recreation)  615-790-5719

Center for Courageous Kids  270-618-2900

Easter Seals Youth Camps  615-292-6640

Empower Me Day Camp  615-453-0005

Special Friends Camp at Camp Carson and Camp Linden (Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes) 615-371-2050

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Summer Programs  615-322-8240


Angelman Syndrome Foundation  800-432-6435

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc. 

The Arc Williamson County  615-790-5815

Association of Blind Citizens Assistive Technology Fund

Autism Care and Treatment Grant Program

Autism Foundation of Tennessee  615-376-0034

Autism Tennessee  615-385-2077

Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome  

Best Buddies  615-483-3177

Brain Injury Association of Tennessee  615-258-2541

Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  615-248-8828

The Brown Center for Autism  615-385-7994

Celiac Support Association

Cerebral Palsy Group  774-325-0083

Cerebral Palsy Parent

Complex Child

Congenital Heart Information Network  

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation, Inc.

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

Different Needz Foundation

Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee 615-386-9002

Empower Tn 615-292-5803

Epilepsy Foundation  615-269-7091

Family Voices  615-383-9442

Feeding Tube Awareness

Franklin Autism Moms

Gigi’s Playhouse Nashville 615-370-1500

GraceWorks Ministries 615-794-9055

Kid Central TN

Kids With Heart (congenital heart defects)  

Lindsay Foundation

Little Hearts, Inc. (congenital heart defects) 866-435-4673

Muscular Dystrophy Association 615-832-5005

National Organization for Rare Disorders 800-999-6673

Orange Effect Foundation


Patients and Researchers Interested in Smith Magenis Syndrome

Polymicrogyria Awareness Organization, Inc.  949-329-5995

Project BRAIN 615-383-9442

Rady Children’s Hospital: Special Needs Glossary for Parents  856-576-1700

Rett Syndrome Foundation  800-818-7388

Siskin Children’s Institute 423-648-1700

Small Steps in Speech

Spina Bifida Association 800-621-3141

Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters (TABS)  615-322-8240

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder  800-640-4636

Tennessee Parent-to-Parent Matching Program

Tennessee Telecommunications Devices Access Program

Tennessee Technology Access Program

Tennessee Voices for Children 615-269-7751

TRIAD (Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Vanderbilt)  615-322-7565

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee 615-242-4091

United Spinal Association 718-803-3782

Unique (chromosome disorders)

Vanderbilt Family Resource Center  615-936-2558

Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Support 

United Healthcare Children's Foundation

(Each entry is labeled with the population served and the type of assistance offered; financial assistance usually means payment for specific medical services/equipment/therapies not covered by insurance. Financial assistance may be payable to third parties only)


Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation (cerebral palsy; financial) 


Aubrey Rose Foundation (life-threatening illnesses; financial)


Ben’s Blankets (special needs; custom weighted blankets)


Challenged Athletes Foundation (permanent physical disabilities; financial for athletic equipment, training, and competition costs)


Danny Did (seizure disorders; grants for seizure detection and seizure prediction devices)


Different Needz Foundation (developmental disabilities; financial)

Feel Better Friends (serious medical conditions; handmade dolls)

Friends of Man (financial for prostheses, wheelchairs, ramps, mobility and medical equipment)

Giving  Angels Foundation (special needs from lower income families; financial)

Grotto Humanitarian Foundation (cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, intellectual disorders, recipients of organ transplants; financial for dental care) 


Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (spinal muscular atrophy; financial)


Hands to Angels  (rare genetic disorders; financial)


Holton’s Heroes (post-birth, pediatric brain injury; financial)


Icing Smiles (children with life-threatening medical conditions and their siblings; custom cakes)


June Brandy Foundation (pediatric illness, disability, serious health condition; financial for specific wish)

Maggie Welby Foundation (children in need; financial)


Mark’s Money (Down’s syndrome; financial)


McLindon Family Foundation (special needs; adaptive bicycles)


Modest Needs (working, low income families with specific short-term needs; financial)

Molly Bear Foundation (Trisomy 18; financial)


MyGOAL Inc. (autism spectrum disorders; financial) 


The MyGym Challenged America Foundation (special needs and chronic illness; financial for assistive devices, therapies, medical equipment,  sensory items)


The Parker Lee Project (special needs; medical supplies and resource information)


The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation (funding for surgeries and inpatient treatment for individuals without health insurance or other resources)


Ride to Give (children with disease/injury/disability; financial)


Small Steps in Speech (speech/language disorders; financial for speech therapy and assistive technology)


Stepping Stones for Stella (special needs; all-terrain buggies)


Wheelchairs 4 Kids (physical disabilities; wheelchairs, mobility devices, vehicular/home modifications)