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Giggle, Wiggle, Wow!

3 - 5 Years

Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:45

Sara Hall OTR/L

If your child would enjoy the opportunity to explore and create through dance and you would prefer a smaller, developmentally focused program, this class is the perfect fit.  Specialized, highly trained instruction paired with the childhood joy and expression that dancing creates will provide your child the tools and support needed for their successful participation, development, and delight throughout the experience.


Designed and taught by Sara Hall, OTR/L, Giggle, Wiggle, Wow is a unique dance experience created for preschool children, ages 3-5, of all motor and cognitive abilities.  Each class will consist of a maximum of 8 children and a pediatric Occupational Therapist.  A variety of dance styles and themes will be used to specifically target developmental skills including:

  • Body and spatial awareness

  • Motor, visual, and auditory processing and coordination

  • Concentration, listening memory, and following directions

  • Attention, cooperation, and arousal levels social skills, teamwork, and collaborative friendships

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