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Thank You For Your Support

As a 501(c) 3 charitable organization, High Hopes Development Center relies solely on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations. High Hopes is proud that out of every dollar given, 82 cents goes directly to our children through programs and services.

On behalf of nearly 1,000 families who benefited during our 2020-2021 fiscal year from High Hopes, thank you for your desire to partner with us and for believing in our amazing children.

What We Did Last Year Alone
  • 812 children and  youth benefited from 29,307 visits for physical, occupational, speech, and/or feeding therapy

  • 176 children ages six weeks to six years received 181,853 instructional hours in our inclusive school

  • Nearly 1,000 families in our COMMUNITY are a part of the HIGH HOPES FAMILY being provided encouragement, training, education, and loving support for their unique challenges.


Brandy Blanton


301 High Hopes Court

Franklin, TN 37064

615-550-1437 Phone

615-309-8342 Fax

What is the mission of High Hopes?

The mission of High Hopes Inclusive School and Pediatric Therapy Clinic is to equip children, youth, and their families with the skills necessary to achieve success through education, therapeutic services, and loving support.

The heart of our mission aims to give all young individuals the tools to lead fulfilling lives from childhood through adulthood. For children with special needs, especially, life can present extra obstacles, whether physically, mentally, or socially. High Hopes offers many resources, through our School and Pediatric Therapy Clinic, to help children conquer obstacles and develop a strong foundation for their future.

In addition to the core services we provide, High Hopes is a place of respite for the hard-working families of children with special needs.  We provide a unique environment where families can entrust the care of their children to individuals with expert knowledge and abounding love for them.

What is High Hopes?

The two collaborative parts of High Hopes Development Center are The Thompson School, which teaches and nurtures typically-developing children and children with special needs, side-by-side in the same classroom and The Hoover Therapy Clinic, which offers multiple high-quality therapeutic services that help to enhance developmental skills and minimize potential developmental delays.

With both branches located on the same site, children with special needs are able to receive beneficial socialization at school and attend therapy sessions, with ease.  The direct interface between teachers and therapists allows a constant flow of knowledge and support that improves the education of all children.

The inclusive environment of High Hopes Development Center is truly unique.  With regular interaction of children with special needs and typically-developing children, ALL children learn character-building traits including acceptance of others, equality no matter the ability level, teamwork, diversity, and true friendship. Children learn at an early age that we are all different ... and that is okay.

Why do the children of High Hopes need your help?

Our families’ needs are our number one priority. We strive to offer the highest quality of education and therapy services at the lowest cost possible, as many of these young families are already financially stressed from the cost of providing for a child with special needs. One of our patrons calculated that their family spent an extra $50,000 per year, after insurance, to provide for the special needs of their child. It is for these families, whom we care for so greatly, that we keep our prices so low, despite the high cost of providing quality services.  View some of our Personal Stories to hear, directly from our families, how High Hopes has impacted their lives.

Would you like more information about giving to High Hopes?

Brandy Blanton is happy to speak with individuals and groups to share the stories of High Hopes. If you, your business or school would like to learn more about giving opportunities at High Hopes, contact Brandy at 615-550-1437 or We are always delighted to share the stories of our amazing children who daily defy statistics..

High Hopes, Inc. is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization, IRS Section 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) and 509(a)(1) for both federal and state tax purposes. Our federal tax identification number is 62-1210720.
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