Maximum Class Size: 14 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1:7

Inclusive Education

The Kindergarten Program at High Hopes provides inclusive education to children with and without special needs in a research-based, developmentally appropriate manner while maintaining a ratio of 60% children who are typically developing to 40% children diagnosed with special needs. Inclusion allows children with special needs to learn alongside typically developing peers, instilling the values of diversity, acceptance, and individuality. Each child is challenged to explore their environment and grow to his/her maximum potential.

Hear From a Parent

Click HERE or on the image to hear the story of Kimberly McCall and why she chose the Kindergarten Classroom at High Hopes for her child.

High Hopes Standards

We believe in a holistic educational approach, ensuring each child’s academic, social, emotional, and physical development needs are met through individual and intentional instruction. Our curriculum is literacy-based, emergent, and thematic, developed by our Kindergarten staff to be easily adaptable to each child’s needs and created in alignment with the Tennessee Department of Education Curriculum Standards.


The foundational curriculum utilized by the High Hopes kindergarten teacher will be The Tennessee Reading Wonders Program by McGraw Hill. This program is used by Williamson County Schools, making a seamless transition from High Hopes Kindergarten to WCS for 1st Grade and beyond. This program is on the Tennessee Department of Education approved list and is utilized by many other school districts in the state. The Wonders Curriculum includes 11 instructional units that make the following possible:

  • Individual needs of diverse learners can be met through an integrated diagnostic/prescriptive program

  • Focus on reading through literature, phonics, sight words/vocabulary development, and the building of foundational comprehension skills for both reading and listening

  • Instill collaborative conversations

  • Analytic writing derived from reading comprehension

  • Learning to use reading evidence to validate student opinions

  • Enhanced handwriting supplemented by a High Hopes program entitled Handwriting Without Tears

  • Connect science and social studies standards through these 11 units

Added Values of the Kindergarten at High Hopes

  1. Certified, experienced teacher will lead classes, supported by one full-time assistant​

  2. Teacher Assistant with degree in elementary education

  3. Small class size of 14 students

  4.  7:1 student to teacher ratio

  5. High Hopes offers 33 years of experience educating with the inclusive model

6. Classes are held in a newly constructed, state-of the-art facility

7. The Kindergarten at High Hopes will utilize the same individualized                  approach used in our preschool

8. Curriculum will follow state standards

9. Nurse on site for the medical needs during the day

Meet the Teacher

My name is Emma Koydemir and I graduated from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Prior to teaching at High Hopes, I was teaching for three months in Auckland, New Zealand. 


Throughout my experiences, I have realized that my philosophy of education centers around one word: relationships. Establishing and cultivating relationships is important because from them, come respect, confidence, communication and the freedom to be ourselves. I watched a TED talk about relationships in the classroom and the speaker explained that “students do not learn from people they do not respect”. That simple statement has become my motto as a teacher. My goal is to get to know your students and to help them become independent and confident learners. 


I am so excited to be the Kindergarten teacher and I cannot wait to see what this year holds!! 

Tuition, Childcare, and Fees





$1,290 (10 monthly Payments)


$12,900 Annually

Supply Fee:

Morning Care:

Afternoon Care:

Morning & Afternoon Care:

$225 Annually

If you are still interested in enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year, please contact Jessica Mizell using the information below.

Contact Information

For questions regarding financial aid and registration, contact Jessica Mizell using the information below.