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Lettuce Work Together

5 - 9 Years

Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:30

Grace Hastings, MA CCC-SLP

Are you tired of packing the same foods for yours child’s lunch every day? Can you count on one hand how many foods your child is willing to eat? Has dinnertime become an unpleasant experience for entire family? If so, ‘lettuce work together’ to make mealtime enjoyable again!


Lettuce Work Together is a class specifically designed for school-aged children and caregivers to help create a fun and positive experience around mealtime. This weekly class will be working with several foods from all food groups while creating themed snacks paired with Kay Toomey’s SOS ‘Steps to Eating’. We will also discuss the importance of fueling your body to help our bodies grow and play. Each class will consist of 6 children and a pediatric licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. You will learn strategies to help increase your child’s engagement with novel and non-preferred foods, create an encouraging and pleasurable experience associated with mealtime, and ultimately expand their food repertoire.  Please join us and “Lettuce Work Together”!


The class will target developmental skills including:

  • Sensory exploration in play and food

  • Oral motor skills

  • Mealtime preparation

  • Mealtime participation

  • Food/nutritional education

Caregiver Participation Expectations: Caregivers will join the group for the final 20 minutes of each session.  This will allow for the child and instructor to discuss foods addressed and strategies to use at home.

Minimum Requirements to Participate: Children must be able to sit at a table for at least 30 minutes and follow simple directions in a small group setting to participate. They also must be able to demonstrate independent toileting.

Class Minimum/Maximum Participants: 4/6

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