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Our experienced pediatric occupational therapists are trained to promote successful acquisition of self-help, play, and learning skills for infants and children. They specialize in facilitating success in activities that are crucial to childhood, as a foundation for lifelong success and independence, including: daily living tasks, play activities, sensory-motor skills, visual-motor and visual perceptual tasks, and fine motor activities.

Occupational therapy at High Hopes stresses the importance of sensory integration and the development of fine motor and perceptual skills as prerequisites for academic learning and pre-vocational skills. We work closely with families, teachers, and other professionals to address the needs of each child and family.


With an individualized treatment plan, occupational therapy can aid in many different kinds of desired functions, whether related to developmental activities or specific activities of daily living. Treatment teams at High Hopes work with parents to meet their desired goals for educational development as well as for the home and community environments.

Specialized treatment is offered in the following areas:

  • Promoting age-appropriate independence in activities of daily living (i.e. eating, dressing, writing, balance)

  • Developing age-appropriate mobility, fine motor skills

  • Facilitating play behavior and developmental skills

  • Handwriting evaluations/treatment techniques

  • Parent/family instruction

  • Standardized evaluations

  • Sensory integration evaluations/treatment techniques

  • Individual treatment

  • Classroom and/or clinic-based treatment

  • Consultation with preschool teachers/caregivers

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