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At High Hopes, we strive to offer as many opportunities as possible to help your child achieve success in their day-to-day lives! In addition to our primary therapeutic services, we offer Therapeutic Listening, Serial Casting, and an Orthotics Program for your child.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is an auditory therapeutic intervention that uses the organized sound patterns of music to impact all levels of the nervous system. Listening is a function of the whole brain and when we listen, we listen with our whole body as we shift our attention to orient, locate, and select important sounds. Based on this knowledge, our therapists believe Therapeutic Listening can significantly assist in improving the outcome of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy routines for many children.

The Therapeutic Listening program involves listening to electronically-altered music over specialized headphones, for thirty minutes, two times a day. Our specially-trained therapists can help you determine if Therapeutic Listening is right for your child and are experienced in blending treatments to give your child the most benefit from all therapeutic services.


Benefits that your child may receive from Therapeutic Listening include enhancement of the following skills:

  • Attention

  • Organized behavior

  • Self-regulation

  • Improvement in sleep/wake cycles

  • Reduction in sensory sensitivities

  • Toilet training

  • Cessation of bed-wetting

  • Regulation of hunger/thirst cycles

  • Motor planning

  • Postural control

  • Bilateral coordination

  • Oral motor skills and articulation

  • Handwriting and drawing skills

  • Visual-motor integration

  • Communication

  • Social skills


* For more information on Therapeutic Listening visit

Serial Casting

Serial Casting is a way to provide a prolonged stretch to a particular muscle or muscle group allowing for greater improvements in range of motion. These improvements in muscle length and flexibility may then translate into improved function and ease of activities of daily living.  Serial casting is performed in collaboration with an orthopedic physician or a neurologist, often after Botox injections.


Our trained therapists apply a cast to the extremity with the involved muscle in the stretched position and leave the cast on for one week. Subsequent casts may be applied with a larger stretch until desired flexibility is achieved.

Orthotics Program

Some children benefit from the additional external support of foot bracing/orthotics. High Hopes’ therapists are experienced in pediatric bracing and  consult with a community orthotist in order to obtain bracing that meets the individual needs of your child. At our facility, therapists assist with all aspects of the bracing process, including scheduling castings and fittings, justifying medical necessity for insurance purposes, monitoring fit and progress, and training parents and children on proper use and maintenance of orthotics.


Some options available through our Orthotics Program include:

  • Over a dozen styles/colors of custom orthotics

  • Stretching splints for night use

  • Foot orthotics inserts

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