Quick and Easy Referral Process


High Hopes has a dedicated intake specialist, Alison Pinkston


Ph. 615-550-1451


Alison is here to process your referral request.  Simply complete our referral form and email it to apinkston@highhopesforkids.org or fax it to 615-277-2838.  Please be sure to mark all applicable diagnosis codes.  Once your referral is received, Alison will contact the parent(s) to discuss the requested therapy and obtain personal and insurance information.  Once insurance benefits have been verified, Alison will call and discuss the benefits with the parent(s) prior to scheduling an appointment.


High Hopes therapists believe in open communication with the patient's medical team and are always willing to take the time to speak with both the families and the physicians.  Initial evaluations are mailed directly to the referring physician's office upon completion.

Below is a link to our referral form. Please note that when you open the form, you will be able to complete it electronically. After you have done so, print or save the form as a PDF then email it to Alison Pinkston (apinkston@highhopesforkids.org).