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Our pediatric physical therapists are committed to helping your child enhance function and mobility in order to participate in the daily activities of their home, school and community.

 We work with children using therapeutic techniques to: 

  • increase strength and endurance

  • improve balance and coordination

  • improve joint range of motion

  • increase efficiency and function.


With an individualized treatment plan, physical therapy can aid in many different kinds of desired functions, whether related to developmental activities or specific activities of daily living.  While school systems address physical therapy as it relates to a child's education, the therapists at High Hopes work with parents to meet their desired goals for educational development as well as for the home and community environments.


Children who would benefit from PT may have:

  • Neuromuscular diagnoses (Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, Traumatic Brain Injury etc.)

  • Abnormal muscle tone (increased or decreased)

  • Orthopedic injuries or diagnoses

  • Abnormal gait (toe walking, crouched gait, etc.)

  • Muscular weakness

  • Decreased balance

  • Decreased coordination

  • Delayed developmental milestones

  • Torticollis (muscle tightness of the neck in infancy leading to abnormal posture)

  • Equipment needs

  • Bracing needs

  • Muscular tightness

Specialized treatment is offered in the following areas:

  • Exercise for strengthening, range of motion, balance, coordination, and endurance

  • Developmental activities

  • Joint mobilization

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation

  • Serial Casting

  • Kinesio taping

  • Post-operative therapies

  • Equipment evaluations (wheelchairs, standers, walkers, etc.)

  • Orthotic evaluations and coordination (AFOs, SMOs, inserts, etc.)

  • Partial Weight Bearing Gait Training/Lite Gait

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