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High Hopes Development Center is proud to be very different than many “cookie cutter” preschools and child care facilities.  Because our center is not a franchise, but a non-profit organization, established by families in Middle Tennessee, we are able to tailor your child’s care specifically to your child’s needs.  All decisions affecting High Hopes and your child are made by child development professionals, our well-educated and experienced teachers, and highly-qualified pediatric therapy staff.

Why High Hopes?

  • Highly trained, degreed, and experienced teachers

  • Low teacher-to-student ratio

  • Proven history of Academic Excellence

  • Flexible enrollment options

  • 12-month school year

  • Before and after care availability

  • Secure and safe learning environment

  • Curricula rich with a balanced approach to literacy, math, science, music and art 

  • Regular, formal and informal assessments are used to document developmental growth and kindergarten readiness

  • Amazing indoor and outdoor gross motor play environments

  • ​Onsite Therapy Services and Developmental Experts

  • A community of acceptance and compassion

  • Enrichment activities

  • Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education 

    • Click HERE to view a summary of the Standards for School-administered Child Care ​

Staff Qualifications

All classroom teachers are degreed or have a minimum of 10 years preschool teaching experience. All teachers receive an average of 30 training hours a year (state requirement is 18 training hours per year) to care for and educate your child to the highest ability.


The Preschool at High Hopes Development Center uses a variety of developmentally-appropriate curricula to build a foundation of learning in each classroom, which are then integrated into one cohesive academic track for all students throughout their time in the preschool. From birth through age 6, our students are nurtured and educated on every developmental level. Using research- and routine-based curricula, our teachers form the foundation for their teaching concepts. By aligning learning goals with state developmental standards, and enriching our days whenever possible, our classrooms provide an environment that is both engaging and stable for our students.

Class Sizes

For an optimum learning experience, High Hopes offers small class sizes, with lower student-to-teacher ratios in many of our classrooms than are required by the state of Tennessee, giving more individualized attention to your child.

Individualized Approach

Each child is given developmental screenings twice a year and a Kindergarten-readiness test before leaving for Kindergarten. These assessments help teachers to tailor your child’s learning experience to their individual strengths and needs. Because of the developmental nature of our preschool program, every child is welcomed at their current developmental level. With the aid of experienced teachers and the availability of on-site pediatric therapists, each child is motivated and challenged to fulfill their full potential. Parent-teacher conferences are also available to all families, in order to evaluate your child’s progress.

In addition to nurturing academic needs, High Hopes also gives attention to the physical and emotional well-being of your child, establishing daily routines for the best practices in eating, napping, and potty training.


High Hopes values the safety of your child. Our building is always protected by a password-based security system for parents and key card system for staff so that we can monitor who has access to the building. Only authorized persons have access inside the hallways of our school and therapy clinic.

Open Door Policy

We encourage you to be a part of your child’s preschool experience and welcome you in visiting your child at any time. Open dialogue between teachers and parents is also encouraged. Teachers can communicate with parents throughout the day using the Procare app by sending notes and pictures. Each child's routines (feeding, diapering, toileting, etc.) are tracked in the app for easy access by parents, and a daily note is sent through the app at the end of each day.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We offer a year-round program with an extended care option. High Hopes offers 5-, 3- and 2-day options for enrollment (M-F; M,W,F; & T, Th ). School day hours 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and extended care is offered 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Please call 615-661-5437 for any questions you may have regarding High Hopes’ Operating Schedule.

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