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Room 103

Age on August 15: 12-16 months

Maximum Class Size: 8 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-4

Classroom Concepts:

  • Introduce basic learning concepts, such as animals, people, colors, shapes, etc.

  • Increase awareness of surrounding environment

  • Learn sign language in conjunction with words and use it daily

  • Develop receptive and expressive language skills

  • Expand on previous classroom experiences (ex. art and sensory activities, reading books, playing games, group music activities, etc.)

  • Develop age-appropriate play interactions

  • Continue predictable routines

  • Introduce basic self-help skills (ex. putting away cups and toys, self-feeding with fingers and spoons)

  • Transition from crib to mat

  • Transition from high chair to table

  • Transition from bottle to sippy cup


Added Values of Room 103

Developmental screenings are conducted twice yearly, once in the beginning of the school year and once in late Spring, to assess student progress and growth which allows teachers to assess skill levels and target specific development deficits for each child.


Our curriculum is literacy-based and focused on language development and social/emotional growth. Books and thematic activities along with enrichment materials are introduced to provide toddlers with a rich awareness of the world them and establish a foundation for reading, science, and math.

Classrooms utilize a multi-sensory approach to learning, incorporating sensory activities daily.

A typical toddler day includes:
  • Learning Centers (Blocks, Manipulatives, Cozy Corner, Imaginative Play)
  • Story Time with Songs and Puppets
  • Outdoor Play
  • Art and/or Sensory Activity
  • Nap
  • Lunch and Snack with Friends
  • Lots of TLC
*Diapers are changed when necessary, or every 2 hours, whichever comes first, or as requested by parents.
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