Pardon Our Dust: We're Expanding!

You may have noticed there’s a little something happening at our facility.

It’s kind of a big deal.

All right, it’s a really big deal. We’re effectively doubling the square footage of our current facility. And construction is underway! The process of renovation and construction is going to require a bit of disruption from the daily routine, be it in the form of traffic patterns, the spaces we use, or simply in the way it sounds around here. So we thought it might be nice to fill you in on some of what’s going on. We’re growing at a steady pace. It wasn’t that long ago that we did not have this amazing building that you bring your kiddos to every day. Before this building existed, we were located on Mallory Lane, in a converted warehouse. At the time, the space worked, but it was far from ideal. For one thing, the clinic and the preschool were not connected inside the building. To access the clinic from the preschool, one had to go out the front door of the preschool, around the outside of the building, and then in through the front door of the clinic. It’s crazy to look back on those days and wonder how we made it work. Just imagine the days when High Hopes was operating out of a church basement! Still, in that old building, we started hearing the whispers. “We’re getting a new building. They’re working on it just down the way..." The rumors seemed too good to be true. A therapy clinic and preschool in the same building, just a couple of hallways away from each other. A staff room for therapists, teachers, and administrative staff alike. Two large multipurpose gyms, with multiple private treatment rooms besides. Eight comparatively huge classrooms in the preschool, with mat storage built in! The wait seemed interminable. But then in January 2014, it was finally announced that the new building was complete, and a date was set for the move. Every minute of waiting was worth it for the looks of joy on parents’ faces at that news. And when we walked into this building for the first time, we were so honored.