Family Support Services

If you’re on the parents' list for receiving emails from us here at High Hopes, you may have heard rumblings of week-long inclusive camps, sensory-friendly community activities and services, seminars for parents, and other exciting events! Well, folks, we’re here to tell you it’s all true. It’s all part of our goal to provide Family Support Services to the community we serve. We have a front row seat to so many of the challenges that can come with raising a child, and these services are one way that we can step up to help families address those challenges. Here are some of the things our Family Support Services program is offering now! Free Sensory-Friendly Haircuts

Surely we’ve all felt what it is to be nervous before a haircut. Those jitters of half-excitement / half-terror, the wondering what we’ll look like when it’s done, the anticipation of change, and the awareness of the semi-permanence of what we’re about to do…

Now take those feelings and put them inside the small body of a little friend with sensory-processing issues, or a young one who needs a rigid and predictable routine. Yikes!

This service is for children of all ability levels, who maybe don’t enjoy the experience of getting a haircut like some of us do. This sensory-friendly haircut environment means no one bats an eye if there are tears, maybe some yelling, a need to take a break, to play with toys, or to move around occasionally. It’s a safe place for any child to get their hair cut in a way that works for them.