What's For Lunch?

You know that famous question you ask yourself everyday... What am I going to pack my kiddos for lunch today? Yes, that question. Let’s talk about it!

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to pack your child’s lunch. Making a healthy lunch can be made quick and simple. YOU can make a healthy, nutritious lunch your growing child loves by simply educating yourself and knowing basic nutrition. Being prepared is half the battle.


MyPlate is a great template for packing your little one’s meal.

MyPlate can help you create a meal that includes the 5 major food groups. These 5 food groups help your child to grow and learn, build a healthy immune system, and maintain enough energy to conquer the world!

Their plate should contain half fruits and vegetables, a healthy protein, a whole grain item, and a dairy option. A great tip is to offer water to drink and a dairy food rather than just milk. Providing a variety of foods is a great way to keep them interested in their lunchtime meal.

Basic Nutrition

Why is proper nutrition important for your growing little one?

Food is their fuel for energy to make it through the day!