Looking Forward: Our Dreams for the New Space

Construction is coming along, and we’re getting pretty excited! We have so many plans and ideas, dreams for how to use our new space. We’d like to share some of those dreams with you, so we can all be excited together as our expansion takes shape day by day!

Some of you already know that the expansion at 303 High Hopes Court is a much-needed addition to our facility. We’ll be just about doubling our current square footage, and adding several new spaces to enhance our offerings and services.

Take a few moments to picture with us some of the ways these new spaces may be used to better serve everyone who walks through the doors of High Hopes Development Center.

New Administrative Offices

Increasing our size and the number of people we serve comes with another factor of growth, this one more behind-the-scenes: staff. As we get bigger, we will need more dedicated, passionate people on the business side of things, to make sure that we can continue to provide the same quality of service to a larger and still-growing High Hopes family.

Even now, the administrative staff has expanded so much that they are crammed, sometimes two to an office, into the six offices between the preschool and clinic. In addition to the doubling up, when the administrative team flooded its banks again, two rooms that were never intende