Why You Should Go to the Nashville Zoo Soon

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not head over to the Nashville Zoo!

Situated on what used to be prime Tennessee farmland, the Nashville Zoo is now a centrally-located, expanding resource for fun and learning, for families both in Nashville and across the state. The land was originally willed to what was then the Children’s Museum of Nashville (now the Adventure Science Center) by the last two members of the family that had lived on and worked the land at Grassmere throughout Nashville’s history, Margaret and Elise Croft.

The Croft sisters expressed in their wills the wish that their beloved home would be used as a “nature study center,” where the people of Nashville could come to enjoy and learn about animals and the environment. In 1996, the Nashville Zoo took over the property that had been Grassmere Wild Animal Park, and they began a journey that would truly honor the sisters’ wishes.

Sporting the largest community-built playground in the United States, the Crofts’ Historic Home available for seasonal tours, and several dynamic and interactive exhibits with a diverse population of animals, the Zoo continues to up the ante of its offerings. Newer exhibits such as spider monkeys, the interactive Kangaroo Kickabout, and cassowary enclosures continue to be popular among Zoo-goers of all ages.

Most recently, on March 15th, the Zoo cut the ribbon on a large addition. Expedition Peru is a village of enclosures featuring Andean bears, guinea pigs, and a southern pudu (a tiny South American deer!) named Carol. And check out the women’s restroom in this area for a special surprise!