The Expansion: Progress Update

Well, folks, construction has been underway for some time now! We’ve mentioned how excited we are a few times, right? We’re going to say it again today, and we will undoubtedly bring it up again a few times until the project of our new expansion is complete!

For so long, it felt like all you could see happening on the lot next door was digging, digging, digging. It seemed like they’d move some dirt around, and then they’d dig some more, and then they’d move some dirt around, and then they’d dig some more. I’m sure we all felt the same level of surprise when suddenly, the structure of a building sprang up in just a few short days!

What you may not know is that what we see on Lot 303 is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our expansion! There’s a lot going on that can’t be seen from the front of our current building – more construction taking place on the south side of the preschool, behind the clinic, and even underground!

If you’re not in the construction business (and we definitely aren’t!), it can be difficult to tell just how much is getting done. So we pulled together some information for you that can hopefully provide a little insight into just how far we’ve come since things really got rolling last October.

West Side: Lot 303