Staff Spotlight: Melanie Anderson

Continuing our round robin of High Hopes’s esteemed directors, the spotlight now shines on the last of these fearless leaders: Melanie Anderson, our Director of Educational Services.

This very day, as we publish this spotlight, Melanie celebrates six years of employment with High Hopes, having served the vast majority of that time in her current role.

Our Director of Educational Services hitting the six-year anniversary milestone is important not only for Melanie, but for High Hopes overall. Melanie has remained the Director of Educational Services longer than any other who held the position in the last 15 years.

During her time as Director, Melanie has implemented many new programs and protocols to enhance the preschool, fostered a supportive and fun-filled working environment, and completed a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management at Lipscomb University without ever missing a day.

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, Melanie makes her home in Smyrna with her husband Darryl. Together they have two sons, Ben and Eric, both now grown. Ben and Eric both work in management like their mom, and they now live in Indianapolis and Murfreesboro respectively.

Melanie has lived in Middle Tennessee her whole life, but she headed over to the eastern edge of Middle Tennessee to obtain her undergraduate degree. She attended Tennessee Technological University, and graduated with a dual track degree in English and Journalism, with a view towards Print Media.