Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from High Hopes Development Center!

It's been a fun couple of days as we've talked with our little friends about their moms. We've learned a lot of interesting things!

From moms named "M" who are 312 years old to moms named "Mom" who love to eat soup, we've heard all kinds of new information about our High Hopes mothers.

One little one informed us that her mother's name is "Mommy, but Daddy calls her Erin." Another told us through his talking device that he loves his mom "because she's pretty!" While yet another friend informed us proudly that his mom is "really good at cleaning with the vacuum," and that she cooks the best chicken nuggets!

And these sweet questionnaires were just the beginning. We've been hard at work creating the best artwork we can for our moms' special day! Even the little babies in the Ladybug room put their feet to the task.

And our Inchworm toddlers went all out with hands, feet, and whole bodies for their Mother's Day treats!