High Hopes for ALL Kids

When exploring the different childcare/ preschool options, my husband, Matt, and I looked no further once we found High Hopes! At the time, in 2012, I was pregnant with RJ – our first child. We visited the school, and after a tour and meeting teachers and staff, we were sold.

To be completely honest, at that time, the security of the building and the attentive care provided were the big selling points for me. Like many first-time parents, I was somewhat paranoid (and probably overly cautious) about the safety of my child. I wanted him in a place where I knew he would receive the best care possible!

But, unlike many parents that come to High Hopes, my husband and I were not seeking a school for children with special needs. We were aware of the developmental programs offered by High Hopes. However, we just really loved the warm and friendly staff and teachers, the care and attention that each child receives (small class size), and the security.

For our son RJ (now 5 years old) and our daughter Maggie-Jo (2 years old), High Hopes has been the only preschool they have ever known. Neither of them has received special therapy, and so you might ask, “Why send your child to High Hopes if they don’t have any special needs?”

And my answer would be, “Why not?”

Despite not needing the unique developmental programs that High Hopes offers, RJ and Maggie-Jo’s development has still been a priority for the teachers and staff. They don’t just care about those children who need extra help – they care about every child that walks through those doors.