Sensory-Friendly Crafts & Snacks for Summertime!

This past weekend was a sunny, hot reminder that summer is well on its way in Middle Tennessee! With summer comes a vacation from school for many kids, and that means more free time for them to find ever more creative ways to alleviate their boredom.

Of course, the outdoors are every parent's best friend during these burning summer months (with proper sunscreen application, naturally), but what about those rainy days? What about the days that are too hot for even the toughest of kids to enjoy playing outside? What about the days when EVEN OUTSIDE isn't enough to entertain those growing, inquisitive minds?

Have no fear! We have a few ideas...


One fun idea for the whole family, even your youngest ones, is a thumbprint dandelion craft! It's simple to set up, easy to execute, and doesn't have to involve much clean-up.

Simply choose your canvas -- a stretched canvas, a small poster-board, or even a regular old piece of copy paper will do just fine. Sketch a dandelion in whatever style you like, or print a template from any number of craft sites.

You'll need paint, and we suggest tempera for your crafting needs. Pick your favorite colors, and let your kiddos pick theirs! And then all that's left is to simply dip your thumb in the paint, and decorate your dandelion with little thumbprint seeds from every hand in your family!