A Day in Speech Therapy [Part 1]

The month of May is Better Hearing & Speech month, and here at High Hopes we are always happy to celebrate our Speech Therapy Program!

As the summer months and school breaks approach, Speech Therapy remains in full swing. Every week our clinic’s staff of just 9 speech therapists serves upwards of 196 patients in 231 speech therapy sessions.

Each client is unique and comes with their own individualized needs and goals. You may be surprised by the variety of things a speech therapy session can cover!

The complexities of speech and language are reflected in the many faces a speech therapy session can take on, and in the interest of spreading awareness about better hearing and speech, we want to take you on a journey through some of those complexities. So we shadowed a few speech therapists and picked their brains to get an idea of what a Day in Speech Therapy might look like.

9:00 AM – Hilary Robinson

Our first session of the day actually begins in a classroom in the High Hopes Inclusive Preschool. The client, also a student of the preschool, is in the middle of a class activity when her designated therapy time arrives. Since this little one’s goals in speech therapy include practicing sequential language and preschool concepts, as well as following detailed directions, it seems appropriate to begin the session by accomplishing the task she is already focused on in the classroom setting.