Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Sestini

The month of May 2018 is Better Hearing & Speech Awareness Month! And since we have a speech therapy team here at High Hopes that is dedicated year-round to the ideals of better hearing and speech, we thought it might be a good idea for this month’s staff spotlight to put our Lead Speech Therapist Elizabeth Sestini center-stage.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth and her husband Mark came to Tennessee almost exactly two years ago, in May of 2016. In July of that year, Elizabeth began working here at High Hopes. Stepping into the relatively novel position of lead therapist on the speech therapy team after a year and a half with us, Elizabeth continues to treat as both a speech and feeding therapist while taking on the additional responsibilities and duties of a lead.

Now settled in Nashville, Elizabeth and Mark live an on-the-go lifestyle, balancing work with community events and diverse interests and hobbies. Mark works in the finance department for a third-party logistics company based in Nashville, and it was that career choice that brought the couple to Tennessee in the first place.

Both Mark and Elizabeth love the life they’ve established here in Middle Tennessee. And their careers are a big part of that life. “To me, it looks like he does a lot of Excel spreadsheets,” Elizabeth jokes light-heartedly, “and Mark sometimes jokes, he’s like, ‘You have such a tough job. You go to work all day and just eat Cheeto puffs with all your patients.’” But, all joking aside, they both truly enjoy their careers and like to devote a lot of energy to their work.

“It’s coming up on two years,” Elizabeth says when asked how long she’s worked at High Hopes. “And it’s crazy!” she goes on. “Because there’ve been a lot of changes since I started!”