A Day in Speech Therapy [Part 2]

In [Part 1] of this post, we took you on the first half of a journey shadowing speech therapy sessions, trying to get an idea of what a Day in Speech therapy might look like. We summarized two sessions, one focused primarily on language and concept goals, another on functional use of an AAC device to communicate.

The rest of the day continued to surprise us, addressing even more speech pathology issues and providing an even deeper view of all that speech therapy can accomplish. See what the rest of the day held in store below...

10:30 AM – Brandy Storck

When we arrived to observe Brandy’s session at 10:30, we were not the only ones there to observe. The patient’s mother and home health nurse sat in on the session as well. Brandy described how beneficial that can be, allowing her to impart direct coaching for caregivers about creating a lifestyle of listening and speaking within a language-rich environment.

“From the moment he walks in this door, there’s nothing that’