Here's Why High Hopes Kindergarten Could Be Just Right for Your Child

The school year approaches, and it’s time to start thinking about kindergarten.

We understand many questions can come to mind in the process of preparing your child, and yourself, for that first year in “big school.” Is my child ready? Do we enroll now, or wait a year? What is the best environment for my child? And of course the overarching question: With so many options available, where should we go?

As of this year, High Hopes is officially tossing our name into that discussion. Our inaugural kindergarten class will be in session starting in August, and if you are looking for a strong, tight-knit, highly qualified school environment where your child can begin their academic journey, we may be just the place for you.

In this post, we will outline what our kindergarten will look like – the practical application and benefits of a truly inclusive model of education, the experience and knowledge provided by a highly qualified staff, the deep level of resources available to ensure each child’s complete success, and of course all the fun we’re going to have!

Inclusion – That’s Just a Fancy Word for Special Education, Right? WRONG!