It's Been a While

Phew! Before Monday's blog about the new kindergarten, it had been a good long minute since our last post. Sorry for the sudden absence, folks!

If you have visited us here at High Hopes recently, you may already have an idea of what has kept us away from the blogosphere this month. If not, allow us to give you a sneak peek of the rooms that were our offices until last week…

As you can see, there are quite a few changes happening for us here at 301 High Hopes Court. You may recall from a previous post our plan to convert our administrative offices into feeding therapy spaces. Well, that’s what’s going on right now! Those spaces are being transformed before our very eyes, as we continue to keep things running all around it.

We are also converting the current staff breakroom and a former supply closet into an expanded office space for our clinic staff. So if you notice a few people eating their lunches in odd places, bear in mind that we’re taking our breaks wherever we can find a seat to make room for that renovation!

What was Gail Powell’s office is now stripped bare and is currently being converted into two new rooms: one a treatment space, the other a dedicated nurse’s office for our lovely preschool nurse Elizabeth Franklin, LPN.

You can imagine that these changes, while wonderful, have caused a certain amount of disruption for the people who normally work in the spaces that are being repurposed.

The clinic staff has set up a makeshift office in one of the therapy gyms for the time being, a smaller space than they’re used to and one that is no longer available for treatment during the day. Gail and Jessica are sharing a small temporary office space not only with each other, but with several boxes of important files and a rather bulky, noisy copier. You may notice some new temporary furnishings squeezing in behind our front desk as well.

Meanwhile, members of the administrative staff from every other department are sharing the offices of our preschool teachers, sandwiched between classrooms of boisterous children – children who are weathering all of these changes like total pros, by the way.

The transition is not without its bumps, but we all know this momentary discomfort will be worth it once all the work is complete. We have the endgame vision of our completed expansion in our minds, and knowing where we’re going makes the journey mean more than a few potholes here and there.

But these changes inside our current building are only a small part of what is happening on our expanding site. We thought you may want to know about all that is being accomplished on these hot summer days.

In the New Preschool Pod

We have sidewalks! All around the added classroom pod behind the preschool, there are now freshly-poured sidewalks framing the building, blending into our current installations and making it seem like the new addition has been a part of our current building all along.

They have also begun installation of the elevator in the preschool addition. A delivery of cabinetry recently arrived, which is currently being installed in classrooms, bathrooms, and the new teacher workroom on the second floor of the preschool addition.

The heating and air conditioning units are also ready in that portion of the expansion. This means that, on the interior of that area, all that’s really left to do on a large scale is installation of ceiling tile and flooring! And when we took a walk through that area earlier this week, the flooring was already getting underway.

Moving forward, the plan is to have flooring and ceiling tile installed in the near future, as well as interior doors and hardware, and plumbing and accessories in the bathrooms. They have also begun work on the expanded playground, installing a tricycle track and preparing the area for installation of playground turf. As soon as the turf is in, they can begin placing playground equipment, including installing a set of equipment that will be a sort of “music garden” for our older kiddos.

Very exciting stuff!

303 High Hopes Court

Next door, the most noticeable aspect of progress is likely the completion of the front façade. The brickwork is entirely complete, and the canopy in front of the new entrance is roofed and paved. Meanwhile, all around it, some of our kiddos’ favorite construction vehicles like excavators and bulldozers are grading the area for a parking lot.

Inside, a lot of progress is evident! Staircases have been installed. Walls are up. A ceiling grid has been laid in on the first and second floors. They have installed a fire alarm and windows.

Soon, they will begin knocking down the walls between the old and the new! Another goal for the near future is to begin installing the heat and air units that will serve the addition on the 303 lot.

There are still some inspections and some codes that need to be taken care of, but the day we can open those doors will be here before you know it!

Oh, the Times, They Are a’Changing!

So given all these milestones and accomplishments, both those underway and yet to come, we hope you can forgive us for taking a month off from blogging to make room for such amazing things to occur! Look for our content to pick up in July -- right where we left off -- when we may have even more exciting updates for you!

Please come by and see the progress for yourself! And to learn more about the impact of our expansion, click here!

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