Meet Jessica Mizell: Family Support Services

Coming in November, Family Support Services will launch new programs and initiatives for the High Hopes Community. With this news, High Hopes is excited to introduce Jessica Mizell as Family Support Services Coordinator. Jessica has been with High Hopes since October 2016, formerly serving as Executive Assistant to Gail Powell and Volunteer Coordinator. Her experience as Executive Assistant has granted her great insight to the operations and programming of High Hopes. Thanks to Jessica’s efforts as Volunteer Coordinator, High Hopes has seen an abundance of support from a generous local community.

Jessica possesses a Master of Science in Human Resource Education and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, both from Louisiana State University. Prior to joining High Hopes, she worked in academic support for collegiate athletics for 10 years. Her previous employer was Iowa State University, where Jessica coordinated the educational testing program, designed tutor training curriculum, and facilitated the orientation and training for approximately 100 tutors. She has taken on similar roles at both LSU and Florida State University.

Entering her new role, Jessica brings a passion for childhood development and an extensive knowledge of the High Hopes community. Jessica is already hard at work planning new program