What is Family Literacy?

National Family Literacy Month is all about celebrating families who value literacy and strive to make it a priority in their home, as well as providing practical resources to encourage literacy development. In other words, this month is about recognizing you and the diligent effort you take to promote literacy in your family!

Family Literacy emphasizes the importance of reading and writing in the home environment. Providing opportunities for children and parents to engage in literacy activities together creates a foundation for the child’s learning and is crucial for his or her reading success. When some people hear the word ‘literacy’, they may automatically think of reading or I cannot teach my child reading and writing skills because I am not a teacher; but strong literacy skills involve much more than that. Language and listening skills are a key component to your child developing strong literacy skills. So engaging your infant and toddler when they are making sounds and learning new words or explaining to your child what you do are doing (i.e. vacuuming, cooking dinner etc.) makes a tremendous impact on your child’s development.

Here are a few simple ways to create a literacy friendly environment in your home….

  • Make paper, crayons, and pencils readily available for writing and drawing.

  • Sing songs and say the alphabet together with your child.