Building Blocks of Literacy

There are several building blocks of literacy that are crucial in the development of your child’s literacy skills. Some of those building blocks include recognizing letter sounds, identifying letters and numbers, recognizing words, naming familiar objects, and building vocabulary skills. At High Hopes, we emphasize building literacy skills with our children and the education staff utilizes a literacy-based thematic curriculum to encourage the development of reading and writing skills in the students. Literacy is a focus in our school because we realize building strong literacy skills at a young age is a major contributing factor to future academic success.

As a parent, you play a vital role in encouraging your child to build upon the literacy skills he/she is learning at school. If you are overwhelmed with the many options of children’s books and educational programming available, the children’s librarian at your local library would be a fantastic resource to contact for suggestions. Not to mention, the library provides educational programs for children of all ages.

Another excellent resource is PBS Kids. There are a ton of fun, high-quality educational games and videos that will encourage your child to grow as a reader! The website provides games and videos on several educational subjects, but there is a focus on literacy. The games will help your child build alphabet knowledge, learn letter sounds, strengthen spelling skills, and increase vocabulary- all key components of the building blocks of literacy. A great feature of this website is it offers games and v