National Handwriting Day

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day. So pull out a pen and paper and write a letter or color with your child!

For children, handwriting reflects the achievement of many developmental milestones. Just as a child progresses from crawling to standing to walking and develops gross motor skills the same is true as your child develops fine motor skills and builds hand strength. Strong arm and hand muscles are needed for an appropriate pencil grasp and to learn the appropriate amount of pressure to apply when writing and coloring. Over time, a child becomes more coordinated and efficient with each task or milestone conquered.

Here are a few developmental milestones related to fine motor skills and handwriting:

  • At 2 years old, scribbles, draws simple vertical and horizontal lines

  • At 3 years old, copies a circle with pencil or crayon

  • At 4 years old, copies a cross (inter