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High Hopes Supper Club

As with many non-profit organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a fundraising challenge, and High Hopes has been tasked with thinking out-of-the-box to keep donations coming in. We came up with an idea that not only supports High Hopes, but also local restaurants and caterers who have been adversely affected by the pandemic – High Hopes Supper Club.

Supper Club is a monthly opportunity to indulge in custom meals from renowned local chefs, packaged and available for curbside pick-up at the High Hopes campus to be enjoyed in your own home, all while supporting their businesses as well as the High Hopes community. The ongoing event is presented by FirstBank.

Each chef will have the creative freedom to add their individual flair for a truly unique dining experience which will feature a salad or appetizer, a main dish and two side items with two choices available. Dessert and other ala carte items will vary for an additional charge. Menus will be emailed to all interested Supper Club participants one week in advance (and published here) and orders will be accepted while supplies last.

A limited number of meals are available for one, two or four (or any configuration of those you need) at $25 per person  with $15 to the restaurant and $10 to High Hopes.

Meals will be available for pick up at High Hopes (301 High Hopes Court) from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

We are thrilled at the potential of this endeavor, not only to help our organization, but the opportunity to support local businesses, making this a true community initiative.

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Make your reservation today for our next supper club on
Monday, May 23, 2022.

Deadline is on or

before Wednesday,

May 18th by 5:00 p.m.

Titos-Pueblo Real Logo.jpg
Titos-Pueblo Real Fajitas.jpg
   Our partner for the May 23rd Supper Club 
    is Pueblo Real/Tito's Mexican Restaurant 


     With five locations in middle Tennessee, Tito's Mexican Restaurant and their original site, Pueblo Real, have become a household name for authentic Mexican cuisine - no surprise they've been named Williamson County's favorite Mexican restaurant time and time again!

     This family-owned business serves up traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, in generous portions, reasonably priced from their incredibly friendly staff - a award-winning combo that keeps everyone coming back for more! 

Chef Sean Begin

The Menu

$25 per meal with your choice of:



Your choice of tender strips of beef, chicken or both, with grilled onions, tomatoes and peppers.
Served with rice, refried beans, tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and Pico de Gallo. 



Pollo Verde 

Grilled chicken breast topped with Poblano peppers, Pico de Gallo, melted white cheese and salsa Verde. 
Served with rice, guacamole Caesero and beans 

Both entrees served with chips and salsa. 


                        *no substitutions allowed                                                   vegetarian option available 

Dessert Options ($5 each): 

              Caramel Churros: the traditional Mexican light dough pastry, fried to perfection and sprinkled
              with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar, and caramel inside. 


              Cheesecake: A rich, creamy cheesecake topped with house-made strawberry sauce (on the side).

                 Ala Carte Option ($5 each): 8 oz. serving of Queso (white cheese dip). 


Herb-broth Baked Chicken


Pot Roast


Order Your Dinner here!

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Also, make sure to complete payment form for order to be completed.

Barbecue Pork Loin

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