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Our Vision

A community where hope and inclusion are cultivated, embraced, and shared.

High Hopes Development Center was established in 1984 by five Middle Tennessee families who recognized their children's needs were not being met in local preschools. These community members envisioned a place where their children who had disabilities could thrive, both academically and therapeutically, alongside their traditional learning peers.

What they created was an inclusive environment, where children of all abilities can learn and grow together in a supportive and loving environment that provides the tools for a strong, successful foundation.

Our Story

Our Values



Work/Life Balance



At High Hopes Development Center, we lead with integrity, being truthful and ethical in every decision we make for our children, families, and each other. We show heart as we take a child-first approach exhibiting love and compassion while nurturing growth. Work/life balance allows us to bring our best selves to work every day, demonstrating professionalism and excellence in all we do for every child.



"Before High Hopes, our son struggled to walk and talk. Not only is he walking better, he is climbing on EVERYTHING. He also has gone from a quiet whisper to speaking with boldness and confidence! High Hopes is more than a place for therapy or school. It is a place where transformation happens. We couldn't be more thankful for our family and High Hopes!"
- High Hopes Family

"AP Live operates with the goal of being the premier provider of what we do.  We believe that High Hopes is the premier provider for kids in our community that may or may not be differently abled, as well as their families.   We are so thankful for High Hopes both personally, and for all they do to help make our families and community a better, more inclusive place to live, work and play."
- Tom Atema Jr., Owner & CEO,  AP-Live

"My family and I donate to High Hopes because they provide loving support to children and families in our community. My daughter has a rare genetic disorder that delayed her eating, moving, and communicating. The success of feeding therapy helped keep her from needing a G-tube. She now eats all her favorite foods: hummus, broccoli, popcorn, and chicken! She has also been in physical therapy at High Hopes since she was six months old. Thanks to all her therapists’ hard work and getting her the equipment she needs, she now can pull herself to stand, walk with assistance, and run on her knees. Without High Hopes my daughter would not be where she is today."
- High Hopes Parent and Donor

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